Malaysia Web Award Nominee 2021

This the second time we had been nominated
We appreciate it alot

Like artist paint on canvas, clothing is our main medium to tell our message. We focus on producing great design and product that people can relate to our beautiful city. Promoting our hometown and telling stories through streetwear.

Our works & our team here are meant to bond and unite more than just music ; a dedication for every aspects of living with it’s own compassionate lifestyle .

Throughout the progress we met people within our broken societies with inner-kindness , people who got greedy turned in being honest , people who’d failed be there to dare to try again , people who got lost and wanted to be found , people who are good at being bad became sincere , people who willing to let down their ego , people who know that fame won’t cure happiness , people who understand love doesn’t have force , people with wills to break borders to link the corners , people to put faith and people to define loyalty .

This that us that will do more in music , the us that love to put blending in hiphop’s elements with one love .
Here’s to those who love to be part of us and gratitudes for being there even though everyone is far apart .

Without stories , there will be no history .

Don’t forget to join our #SaveMelakaTurtle

Less of toxic , more oxygen

As part of our #supportyourneighborHOOD campaigns , our team at MCF51 firmly trust that social responsibility & environmental caring is important for the locals like us to help increase global oxygen demands from our small city to bigger cities elsewhere .

By putting efforts in supporting plantations , we are also contributing for our planet’s nature on its healthcare ; cause we think that if the next generations need cleaner air environment , we will all have to do our part in sustaining what surrounds us .
In olden days , near town area are many forests
From this picture , we can see lot of plantation
As the place grow , less of green to be seen
With the economical boom , planters went outskirt
Preserving the environment costs alot too
There are also efforts in planting flowers in the park
But with increase demand of woods , many are chopped
Example use of woods are for local ships
As tourism grows , it gets harder to plant in hard grounds
An example of wildlife losing it’s habitat
In this image , the previous football field (now mall)
If everyone plants , then at least the land wont be wasted
An old town building filled with plants in it
We know maintaining eco aren’t as easy as planting it (Costly)
Some of the palnts in heritage sites age older than the folks
Plants can be seen blooming from old structures
An old public phone with plants growing by it side
We feel that if everyone help in planting , the city’s environment will be better
An example of empty land without plants
  • Every MYR1 from the items sold will be part of the plants
  • Our works will also find ways to contribute One Tree Planted in their projects
  • Every MYR50cents from the items sold will be donated together
  • Get our products to support the environment
    Plant a tree , end deforestation today

    2021 Curtain up by MCHL @ Hard Rock

    Despite the pandemic restrictions keeping us from being too crowded ; when the party bass dropped by DJ MCHL at midnight it ended a year many would like to forget and head started a new holiday season many would love to remember ( definitely a memorable trip for us and the guests as Desaru is a favourite destination for seaside enthusiasts due to its beatiful beaches and crystal clear waters. )

    It wasnt the first year for the DJ to perform and entertain for the crowds in Hard Rock ; MCHL has been the guest performer that wowed thousand of audiences ever since the hotel’s opening together with all the other local and international entertainers .

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    ` From kids to adults to family members that visited this place , every year the performances been spectacular for everyone “

    All the way from Melaka to Johor , the party don’t stop with MCHL
    The hotel itself provides fine hospitality with amazing vacation vibes to let you experience life like a rock star !

    There is alot alot of nightlife here that include activities like seaside chilling, session by the bars, and quality live music parties for you to enjoy your holidays !

    Not so far away from the beaches , just a 10 minute walk from the white sands of Desaru and here we are together for the New Year celebration with Hard Rock

    The entrance to the lobby are definitely an Insta-worthy spot !

    We would love to thanks to Aaron , the F&B team and all the management team that love all serve all especially to the New Year team that provided us with the Bob Marley room , it was a lovely staycation and honor to be celebrating the 2021 New Year Party with all the vacants.

    We also recommend travellers to try on
    The Elephant and the Butterfly by the poolside which serves special in-house cocktails & nice foods.

    Another reason why we love and respect the place is not just because it has been few years since the opening in 2019 they invited MCHL for it’s social party ; but because also of its continuous support towards the Go Green public awareness campaign.

    Desaru is a beach town located in Pengerang , Kota Tinggi, Johor, and essentially consists of fishing villages. It’s an ideal spot for seafood lovers over a quick weekend trip.

    The cheapest way for tourists to get from Melaka to Desaru, Bandar Penawar is via buses which costs around RM 51 and takes up to 6hrs .

    The driving trip from Melaka to Desaru will only be around 3hrs via Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/AH2/E2
    ( ** We would love to remind all those planning to embark on their new year holiday trips to always adhere to the new SOP rules , traffic laws and regulations. )

    Listen to more of DJ MCHL’s mix :