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Just a few minute drive away from Holland Kuehh , there we reached Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen 露夜园海鲜酒家 … by the invitation of Persatuan Peranakan Cina Melaka to their their 2022 Welcome Back Dinner & Dance Party Gala .

Dekat dah dua tahun lebih dah semua tidak berjumpa says Nyonya Julie ;

from anak muda to that tua tua moga anda semua riang ria .

Splendid weekend , from the dressings to the style to the personality
Them Nyonyas & Babas sure know how to held an annual party like none other in Melaka .
It wasnt just makan makan minum minum ,
It’s menari joget berdondang berpantun and sing along all night long . Baba Daniel nyanyi bukan main main !

From old acquaintances to new neighbourly welcoming people that’ve travel from Australia , Singapore , Penang , UK dll –
We coulda say Peranakans are now somewhere across the globe and wherever they go they remember their roots . Likewise the committee even set up a language class to enhance their original dialects and performed a wonderful song
call ‘Friends’
Such moments are to be treasured in mind for the community .

As for this tradition will it be last long ? Yes , beyond generations to come
kids of kids will bare in mind that without the past beauty of this #Peranakan #Culture the future wouldn’t be beautiful
as it is in presence now like whenever a foreign travellers visited Melaka , in their mind would be :
` anggunnya warisan Peranakan Melaka , tidak akan lupa budaya dan kuih-muih nya ‘

Much thanks to the President & members on this lovely evening .
Bless all sihat sejahtera dan ada rezeki chakap chakap kita berjumpa lagi !

With love

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