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“Kecantikan bukan sahaja di muka , di kaki juga ada keunikannya itulah Nyonya kita”

Such delightful afternoon spending time with the Nyonyas of Melaka , wonderful people with wonderful creation they’ve made 👒

(Making sure what they wore on them feet fits the outfit) 👡👠🥿

Though some called it beaded sandal some called it beaded shoes , we’ll just stick with the ‘Kasut Manik’ yall go figure what ya wanna call it overseas . This Kasut Manik has long been a tradition for the Peranakans (People of Straits Settlements Born Chinese Malay Hybrid)

Known for its uniqueness from each beads sewn in and out , needle to needles , various of shapes and patterns , different base , as long you see you will get attracted by their colors …

Imagine how creative their ancestors was when picking colors during those warfare days; Some beads even go rare mode due to factory closing (mid 19th century Italy / Czechoslovakia) Nowadays all use Japan beads or China beads , the cheapest are those plastic beads .

Passing down skill generation upon generation wasn’t easy , we see how their works transform from loosen beads style on cloth to that fine tighten beads neat and modernised style that are worn most by the ladies today , although many of them they still each keep their parents or elder’s pair as a remembrance / antique or to be share throughout the community so every Peranakan across the seas can see the speciality of their creations whenever there are any Baba and Nyonya occasions .

Much thanks to the President Baba Peter Ong of Persatuan Peranakan Cina Melaka (PPCM) and his friendly wife for showing us around telling jokes , stories , memories and all that makes Melaka’s Peranakan special . Also to congratulate the author Lee on his Let’s Manik Together book ; with that not to forget thanking Baba Wee on his side of the stories and Nyonya Abbe Seow for explaining the differences of each student’s creation plus how she love to stay home sewing these beads passing times .

Those wanting to get the Manik book are welcome to contact their office 06-2837215



*Tahukah anda / fun fact : among all the presidents of these persatuan only one had the ‘Sir’ title and the fella was also one of the Forefathers of Malaysia .

Bebanyak terima kasih , jumpa lagi 🍹

Good to see yall again on the next one , much love .

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