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Weekends later , nature come first 🐒

We weren’t expecting so much nature lover on that Thursday evening as its that time when many travellers woulda just arrive in Melaka checking into their hotels , even the locals are lazy to come out due to getting ready for Melaka weekend’s fun πŸ’

Non the less nothing coulda stop the founders of Sungai Project to keep it going on this occasion connecting people from different states and countries , where everyone coming together to get better understanding on how we raise awareness in preserving our nature wildlife in Melaka .

The ‘Wildlife in Melaka coastline’ was made success because the team had a dream to get the communities together gather to talk about it , presenting , educating about it and at the same time increase attentions for wildlife’s biodiversity and what’s really happening in our state’s environment [thanks to Mataburung’s drone check]

<Highlight during the event> Not known to many , Melaka has many soon extinct wildlife living here with us , yes Oriental pied Hornbills family live here , our fav Hawksbill Turtle a.k.a Eretmochelys Imbricata live here , and another fav Crocodylus Porosus a.k.a Crocodile live here , and the lovely Indo-Pacific humpback Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) with its fam live here too with many other else animals plus marine lifes not in the zoo , so next time when visiting Melaka remember remember to take a two day out and appreciate what our nature has given us ; This was well presented by our Spanish-Local marine biologist MarΓ­a KnarishπŸ‘©β€πŸ«

<Highlight during the event> Launching of www.mataburung.com website which our friend Frits speak about his experience living in Melaka for over two decades and decided documenting many wildlife living among us , for those that missed the Otters , Egrets , Eagles , Crocodiles dll can visit the web link to view the drone video shots of how these wildlife live adapting to our surrounding developments , if anyone can notice the sea-rising pollution activities here it musta be mata burung first to notice that πŸ¦‰

<Highlight during the event> Our friend from WWF [WWF-Malaysia] explaining on how we and the attendees could together help protect the ocean with Ocean Conservancy ‘s app during the next clean ups . So the next time , those who attend better get ready too , terima kasih Yana for the support hope your team enjoyed the foods and drinks served ; Gracias 🐼

On behalf of the team , we would like to thank all the [too many to name] attendees that appreciated the aquatic arts , the beverages and services by SALUD , especially thanking everyone that love our Melaka’s nature life and not to forget Malaysian Nature Society team where they drive all way Seremban to attend this ; we heart y’all see y’all around again , because you already know from the look of our recap photos of that lovely evening everyone that came captivated and inspired each others .

Let us know if you would wanna attend the next next one too .

Doesn’t matter who you are , its for this city’s better future from wildlife to people to nature .

*Its really the wildlife wild out here when you see us with a Parrot 🦜



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