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The succeeding younglings of Perkampungan Portuguese inherited their elder’s wonderful dancing , amazing singings and great culture .

Who woulda missed this festival when in Melaka ; Festa San Pedro where local Melaka Portuguese , Seranis and Kristangs celebrate with blessing of fisherman’s boat , music , decorations , entertainments , food fair , performances and traditional games all in commemoration of The Patron Saint of Fishermens : San Pedro which is observed on end of June .

Yes there’s alot of fun activities on and on but what you wouldn’t wanna miss is the cultural performances by the young ones ,

This year its different as it has been quite awhile after the lockdown , so the young ones put all their efforts on the stage to entertain the visitors to their settlement .

Teacher Sara (or Mestri Sara) as we call her , has dedicated her life in teaching all the young ones from language to dance and sing all they learned it well from her , with no exceptions : the Troupe De Sta Maria did well in preserving this Melaka Portuguese Settlement’s culture passed down generation to generations .

Consider this the only batch left among the young ones that mastered their Mestri’s teachings .

We hope to see more of upcoming young ones on the next San Pedro , so if anyone out there coming next year or the year to come make sure y’all stay for their cultural performances , koku pangkak , boat decos , especially drinks and foods and also the music .

A tradition to stay #SanPedro2022

Festa San Pedro Portuguese Settlement 2022

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