Malaysia Web Award Nominee 2021

This the second time we had been nominated
We appreciate it alot

Like artist paint on canvas, clothing is our main medium to tell our message. We focus on producing great design and product that people can relate to our beautiful city. Promoting our hometown and telling stories through streetwear.

Our works & our team here are meant to bond and unite more than just music ; a dedication for every aspects of living with it’s own compassionate lifestyle .

Throughout the progress we met people within our broken societies with inner-kindness , people who got greedy turned in being honest , people who’d failed be there to dare to try again , people who got lost and wanted to be found , people who are good at being bad became sincere , people who willing to let down their ego , people who know that fame won’t cure happiness , people who understand love doesn’t have force , people with wills to break borders to link the corners , people to put faith and people to define loyalty .

This that us that will do more in music , the us that love to put blending in hiphop’s elements with one love .
Here’s to those who love to be part of us and gratitudes for being there even though everyone is far apart .

Without stories , there will be no history .

Don’t forget to join our #SaveMelakaTurtle