Less of toxic , more oxygen

As part of our #supportyourneighborHOOD campaigns , our team at MCF51 firmly trust that social responsibility & environmental caring is important for the locals like us to help increase global oxygen demands from our small city to bigger cities elsewhere .

By putting efforts in supporting plantations , we are also contributing for our planet’s nature on its healthcare ; cause we think that if the next generations need cleaner air environment , we will all have to do our part in sustaining what surrounds us .
In olden days , near town area are many forests
From this picture , we can see lot of plantation
As the place grow , less of green to be seen
With the economical boom , planters went outskirt
Preserving the environment costs alot too
There are also efforts in planting flowers in the park
But with increase demand of woods , many are chopped
Example use of woods are for local ships
As tourism grows , it gets harder to plant in hard grounds
An example of wildlife losing it’s habitat
In this image , the previous football field (now mall)
If everyone plants , then at least the land wont be wasted
An old town building filled with plants in it
We know maintaining eco aren’t as easy as planting it (Costly)
Some of the palnts in heritage sites age older than the folks
Plants can be seen blooming from old structures
An old public phone with plants growing by it side
We feel that if everyone help in planting , the city’s environment will be better
An example of empty land without plants
  • Every MYR1 from the items sold will be part of the plants
  • Our works will also find ways to contribute One Tree Planted in their projects
  • Every MYR50cents from the items sold will be donated together
  • Get our products to support the environment
    Plant a tree , end deforestation today