Turtle’s heaven | Save Melaka Turtle

Deep from the trenches of Selat Melaka , where the east meet the west , Long ago parish it’s genuine treasure that we shall discover a turtle sanctuary for whenever every locals thought of Penyu (Turtle in Malay language) they will only tell the tourists to go to our neighbouring state islands to dive with the turtles .

What they didn’t know is when they trashing the seas , they are suffocating ourselves – Human

These turtles have to carry your trash over the seas to find a place to dump

Malaysia are listed in top ten of the sea turtle rescue projects around the world we are proud to say that Melaka are part of it , and we know this is nothing new but it has been ignored by not only the communities but due to lack of awareness and media spread (society nowadays only cares about what they wear and what they eat when they in town . With due to the pandemic season it worsen not only the climate issue but also troubled our local habitat which nobody cares because at this moment people only care about their own wealth instead of their ecosystem’s health , to us it wasn’t just a turtle that has been hurt , it was the from our previous cleaning beach activities that we know that this pollution issue has caused a bigger trouble which is degradation of our hawksbill turtle (an endangered species)

Land reclamation , sea rising ecosystem falling , we wouldn’t say it’s because lower economy season people don’t care about the turtle , it is times like this that saves the future generations . If our turtles went extinction even at minor population levels , the ecosystems consisting of seagrasses , seaweeds , corals and etc that are providing habitable home for other marine life will be affected hence the sea turtles are here to maintain that marine resource balance .

 The pollutions is not only affecting the people surrounding the ocean it is also affecting the millions of marine animals living in the ocean. The sea creatures should not have to suffer for the people’s mistakes, and when it comes to being more responsible, people need to step up and make a change.

We can save the turtle , join us and our partners SALUD #SungaiProject on this journey to SaveMelakaTurtle

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