Connecting Melaka Community Online

“When the pandemic started, our group has been reaching out and finding ways to help out the locals in promoting their businesses . As a result, we have got a lot of neighbors asking us on how to engage to more followers , consumers and buyers through their online and media platforms .

The main problem in our community forever has been that there have been two issues :

Competitiveness & fail bargain with consumers

When it comes to supporting the local community services , our founder Cz Chooi is a familiar online designer for the neighbors . Back in late 2015 , young Cz started a local branding movement for locals to experience what it meant to be proud as a Melakan ; the hashtag itself gained alot of young startups attentions and as time passes 3years forward it has given and leveled up all our local based street cultures .

As a support group MCF51 is here in Melaka just being present with all the people . See , we are not always there to only solve your financial crisis but we are already always here to contribute to our neighbors all the online educations that we have learned and experienced for the past half-decade .

Everyone else wish they had alot of money to give every neighbors , but they don’t .

Tough we can help everyone else walk through their life so that you can get a better perspective to solve your own crisis .

Connect with each other , Support your neighborhood

Read below here on why we doing this (share out if you will)

We’re not suggesting these movement wont work for everyone else but we know it will work if every each person in our neighborhood has the same mentality — cause if the neighborhood community are scattered and not connected , it might be best to let all the locals evolve organically within each other and let all the neighbors connected in this good way. But if your aim is to create community bonds between consumers and owners community through us , we hope you’ll find this movement very useful .

As always, doesn’t matter where you are based in Melaka , the best way to lead any example for this neighborhood is with passion , ethics, and empathy . Then the connections will bond themselves .
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