Re-Discovering the stories of Melaka

Editor’s pick , due to the Corona season there are less overseas tourism activities going on in this sleepy hollow city , we picked one of the good read of our local travellers for y’all to have a good insights of how the city was before and after March 2020 (Malaysia’s movement control order)

Essentially needed
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The independence memorial and on it’s opposite the Padang Pahlawan where tourists used to enjoy evening picnic , wau(kite) flying and fast footballs match with the locals . The famous Hong Kong actor Andy Lau once filmed here during for his film with Chow Yun Fat : Tragic Heroes 英雄好漢
Most of the tourists today will never get to enjoy this Kereta Lembu service anymore (Bullock cart) as it has extinct due to the heavy traffic congestion .
One of the famous sighting area for every tourist was the top of the hill of Bukit St.Paul , one can view almost every edges of Melaka from here . Nowadays it’s just left out buildings and unnecessary landmarks everywhere .
Since the late 50s , our locals have been hustling from Kampung Tiga to Kampung Jawa di pasar tak kira bangsa , Malaccans are known to be stronger together during tough times ; present day 【马六甲】lam sing coffee still selling good breakfast & nasi lemak for only RM1.50 😘
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This is vandalism and this is spoiling the Church’s reputation … Uncivilized , Vietnamese are more civilized than this …
Back during the 60s , you can see here the building where the locals perform Chinese Opera next to Kampung Ketek (present day Jalan Tokong)
( Jalan Bunga Raya ) Where all the tradings and businesses flourish during the late 70s till 90s , nowadays it’s just a road to avoid if you are passing through Melaka . In this picture you can see the books and magazines stores and locals enjoying their weekend without traffic jam .
Trishaws (three wheeled bicycle) an essential public transport that evolved since the early 20’s hand pulled cart , in this modern era Melaka you can see many of these banging their bass off the track within scenic tourist areas .
(Kayu Arang)Coal trades are considered black gold during the 70s , most merchants in Melaka either be trading for Rubbers , Coals or Golds . This picture here depicting the Kuli (labourers) carrying out their duties of unloading loads of coal by the dock beside the current Heeren Street .
“ Get your limited edition 75100 ”
As the ships drop their anchor on dock , laborers and hustlers start their day by bringing all the essential goods that Melakan need and also start loading up goods for them to export through Singapore and other trading regions .
The junk boats , similar to those you see in Bruce Lee’s movie are a familiar sighting during the 80’s ~ 90’s . Back then there are lots of merchants , traders activities going on on-shores and off-shores , fishermans are also having happy fishing days during those days .
By this alley way you can see through the road along 大伯宮街 and 觀音亭街 , nowadays this alley way is made famous thanks to Kiehl’s 1851 wall of art .
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It’s not what it used to be in the past but still our historical city have lots of pretty stories to tell

An old mansion beside the famous Baba House hotel up for renovation and preservation .
Heavy tourism activities also causes trashes everywhere and decays of heritage trails .
The city used to be visited by more than millions worldwide since the late 90’s , as readers from overseas can read many books and news articles well written back then promoting it’s harmonious peoples , foods , cultures and places of interest .

Fast forward to present

Stories by Karen Woo On 27 February 2020, the 14 participants from Museum Volunteers Batch made a day trip to Melaka. Read more of what they discovered on the link below […]

Discovering the stories of Melaka