Remember, remember ;

Ini rumah kita jadi jaga cantik cantik
(Meaning : this is our home , take good care of it )
A verse which KALKI quoted from the Chief Minister during his live performance for local Father of modern Malay literature Munshi Abdullah talk show @ MelakaInFact

(Remember remember) That was from one of his earlier release song named The Aftermath (January 2018) quoted from Vendetta’s movie soundtrack .

Momentum made him , Melaka made him

A self made artist who born breed Melakan made his hometown boys proud when he decided to go on performing from small local shows then to events , doing freestyles rap-music covers and so on .
Even though the city’s english music market demands are not well known plus with the rap culture not highly received , it didn’t stop the artist himself to continue pursuing his rap-journeys for the past few years .

Efforts for the City with 5IFTY

The guy also did alot charitable activities for his communities , from cleaning beaches to old-folks home duties to helping out neighbours (foods & posters distribution) Among all that were experiences that the artist himself used as ways to sync the stuffs he did and convert it into his song lyrics and freestyles compilations .
An example is his early track that followers can listen below :

I’m on a mission with the Buddha vision Message to the nation, stop hating, be seekers of wisdom!
Written & Performed by Dilipdeol Raja Music by Mista Sinista-September (Mixtape) Video by Rienarts FILMS Contains additional samples from V for Vendetta (2005), Scarface (1983), The Matrix (1999), & 2Pac MTV Interview (1994). Supported by 51 Crib *Parental Advisory: Explicit Content*
© 2018 KALKI, Melaka City, All Rights Reserved.

Enhancing before 2020

All those years before 2020 , the artist has gone through quite a lot lot as an individual local self-made self-taught self-produce singer . Throughout his career , it was humble to say the guy did manage to do great scores for his hip hop street credits and earned enough respects from his hometown to the country’s neighbouring states . Few of those good recaps

A freestyle by Kalki when our local rapper Juzzthin visited Melaka , in this skit Kalki greeted Juzzthin as our delighted guest .
A recent collaboration with Malaysia’s number one network Maxis by Kalki released on
22/10/2020 named Duta(meaning Ambassador) featuring Rated-R , Astroknot Records & supported by 51crib
Among the featured verse is people asking him Is 5G ready? Is 5G ready?
You see the question ain’t that But the real question is, are YOU ready?
`The future is now, it's the age of the greatest'
`Unlimited for all from grannies to all my ladies!’

Nobody cares , till I put on a mask –

In referencing the COVID-19 pandemic on his latest track

This year may have been bit harder for everyone else but we all know the citizens are living better thanks to those frontliners whose life have been more hard than anyone else ; hence on his latest track the artist described that around the world we living in right now doesn’t matter which country you from , people don’t care about people much anymore – until the recent pandemic hit them up only people starting to concern more .

2020 – Batteries not included

On the words and life thoughts by the artist himself while pandemic going on the rise , he mentioned that he learnt much in making good decisions and making the locals thinking about how they should be working on it , figuring on it and planning on it during this covid-season .

Nobody needs to know what you doing , just focus on yourself | Stay humble , never forget your roots |
You get recognised when you on the right platform

Indah khabar dari rupa , be who you are .

The cover artwork from new zoologist discovery !

A team of scientists, led by Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History research zoologist Karen Osborn and Duke University biologist Sönke Johnsen, found 16 fish species that showed this capability and published their research in Current Biology. 

ON IT was recorded during the same period this vantablack underwater creature got discovered, June 2020. This creature has been living on this planet for millions of years yet wasn’t discovered. And that’s when we know this creature has been ON IT since way back, back into time.

We contacted Karen Osborn personally to acquire permission to use the vantablack creature photograph as our cover art for ON IT. And Karen humbly agreed to it and requested our track to be sent to her once it’s done. That’s how we got ON IT and the rest is history. Thank you Karen Osborn!

August 31st 2020 is special for Malaysians as it is the country’s 63rd Independance Day(Merdeka) it is also the release day for KALKI’s latest track featuring newcome artist Rated-R ; with it’s unique hyping sound produced by oversea artist Hossybeats

So if you don’t know , now you know this , listen here on all streaming platforms below

Written and Performed by KALKI & Rated-R Produced by Hossybeats Cover art (c) 2018 K.J. Osborn Smithsonian
Supported by 51 Crib
Astroknot Records 2020 All Rights Reserved ®

To follow on KALKI’s update and other music, you can also stream up or visit his instagram .

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