Keep the City Clean !

From saving Melaka turtles , preserving our heritage to supporting local music scenes

Even sea turtles are battling climate changes with us ;
The loss of space, climate change and an insatiable demand for wildlife products, in some instances being fed by transnational organized crime, are conspiring to have a dramatic impact on the seas, savannahs, forests and plains across the world.

From far away sea turtles of the Great Barrier Reef to the Hawksbill turtles that are classified as critically endangered , make 500 to 600 nestings in Melaka every year …
We hope more turtles can return to Melaka for breeding after all the trash has been clean out …

Trash is everything around us ,
Throw them in those bins

` We know it’s harsh for you too during this Pandemic season , but remember you are not alone , the world is facing it together cause we are all one , fear none

But take your time to know that everyday , tons of trash are simply being dump everywhere / anywhere on the streets or tourist attractions areas .
Spread out and take action on keeping your city clean too –

👋 Don’t hesitate to reach out with the information below so we can deliver our weekly newsletter on ways of tackling this global climate changes issue , or send us a message if you have any suggestions using the message box .

Thanks #SALUD for supporting our Save Melaka Turtle campaign !
and also our friends at #FortheOcean for guiding us in the previous Clean the beach activities .

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